Manufacturer & exporter of wire vase, metal flower vase in China.  
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Product - Metal Flower Vase (Wire Vase)

LD-VS-06012 LD-VS-06013 LD-VS-06015
LD-VS-07001 LD-VS-07004 LD-VS-07038
LD-VS-07005 LD-VS-07011 LD-VS-07033B
LD-VS-07036 LD-VS-07037 LD-VS-07039
LD-VS-07040 LD-VS-07041 LD-VS-0803A
LD-VS-0803B LD-VS-0803C  

Other Popular Name of Flower Vase
flower vase / flowervase
flower vases / flowervases
metal flower vase / metal flowervase
metal flower vases / metal flowervases
metal wire flower vase / metal wire flowervase

wire vase


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